10 Best Authentic Sushi Restaurant’s in the US

10 Best Authentic Sushi Restaurant's in the US

Sushi, an iconic Japanese culinary art form, has become a popular delicacy around the world. The United States is no exception, with sushi restaurants popping up in every major city. However, not all sushi establishments are created equal. To help you find the most authentic sushi experience, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best sushi restaurants in the United States. With a focus on quality ingredients, traditional techniques, and a commitment to excellence, these establishments stand out from the rest.

Sushi Nakazawa – New York City, New York

Sushi Nakazawa, located in Manhattan’s West Village, is widely regarded as one of the best sushi restaurants in the United States. Chef Daisuke Nakazawa trained under sushi master Jiro Ono (of the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”) and brings a deep understanding of traditional sushi making to his restaurant. With an intimate, 10-seat sushi counter, diners can watch the skilled chefs handcraft each piece of sushi with precision. The omakase menu, featuring around 20 pieces of sushi, is a culinary journey showcasing the freshest and finest ingredients.

Urasawa – Beverly Hills, California

Tucked away in Beverly Hills, Urasawa is an exclusive sushi restaurant offering an unforgettable dining experience. Chef Hiroyuki Urasawa, a former apprentice of sushi legend Masa Takayama, artfully crafts a daily-changing omakase menu. The multi-course meal features a selection of seasonal sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies prepared with exceptional skill. With only 10 seats and a steep price tag, a visit to Urasawa is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sushi aficionados.

Masa – New York City, New York

Masa, located in Manhattan’s Time Warner Center, is the epitome of luxury sushi dining. Chef Masa Takayama, known for his meticulous attention to detail and insistence on the highest quality ingredients, has created an unparalleled sushi experience. The simple, elegant décor allows diners to focus on the exquisite cuisine. The omakase menu, which changes daily, features a variety of delicacies, including melt-in-your-mouth toro and expertly prepared uni. Masa’s commitment to exceptional sushi has earned it three Michelin stars and numerous accolades.

Sushi Taro – Washington, D.C.

Sushi Taro in Washington, D.C., is the city’s premier destination for sushi lovers. This Michelin-starred restaurant is a favorite among politicians and sushi connoisseurs alike. Chef Nobu Yamazaki’s omakase menu is a testament to his dedication to quality and tradition. Each course showcases the freshest ingredients and the chef’s mastery of sushi-making techniques. The extensive sake list complements the dining experience, making Sushi Taro a must-visit for anyone in the nation’s capital.

Sushi Yasuda – New York City, New York

Sushi Yasuda has been a staple of New York City’s sushi scene since 1999, known for its commitment to traditional sushi-making techniques and the freshest ingredients. The minimalistic bamboo interior creates a serene atmosphere, allowing diners to focus on the exquisite sushi. The extensive menu features a variety of sushi and sashimi options, but the omakase experience is the highlight. Expert sushi chefs handcraft each piece with precision, ensuring every bite is an unforgettable experience.

N/Naka – Los Angeles, California

N/Naka is a Los Angeles sushi gem, offering a unique and innovative take on traditional Japanese cuisine. Chef Niki Nakayama, one of the few female sushi chefs in the world, has gained international acclaim for her mastery of kaiseki, a traditional multi-course Japanese meal. Drawing from her sushi background, Chef Nakayama creates an exquisite omakase menu that showcases the freshest seasonal ingredients and skillful sushi techniques. The intimate, 26-seat dining room provides a tranquil atmosphere for guests to enjoy this culinary journey. N/Naka has received numerous accolades, including two Michelin stars, making it an essential destination for sushi enthusiasts in Los Angeles.

Q Sushi – Los Angeles, California

Q Sushi, located in downtown Los Angeles, is another premier sushi destination in the city. Chef Hiroyuki Naruke brings his extensive sushi-making experience from Tokyo to create a truly authentic omakase experience. The carefully curated menu features the finest ingredients flown in daily from Japan, ensuring that every piece of sushi is of the highest quality. The minimalistic design of the restaurant and the intimate counter seating allow diners to focus on the expertly crafted sushi. Q Sushi’s commitment to excellence has earned it a Michelin star and a devoted following.

O-Ya – Boston, Massachusetts

O-Ya, situated in Boston’s Leather District, offers a unique and innovative sushi experience in the heart of New England. Husband-and-wife duo Tim and Nancy Cushman opened O-Ya in 2007, and their passion for sushi is evident in every detail. The omakase menu features a mix of traditional and modern sushi, with unique flavor combinations and artistic presentations. The warm, inviting atmosphere and exceptional service make O-Ya a must-visit for sushi lovers visiting Boston.

Sushi Den – Denver, Colorado

Sushi Den has been a staple in Denver’s culinary scene since 1984, earning a reputation as one of the best sushi restaurants in the United States. Brothers Toshi and Yasu Kizaki meticulously source the finest ingredients, including fish flown in daily from Japan’s renowned Tsukiji Fish Market. The menu offers a wide selection of sushi and sashimi, as well as a variety of cooked Japanese dishes. For a truly memorable experience, opt for the chef’s omakase, which highlights the freshest seasonal ingredients and the Kizaki brothers’ expert sushi techniques.

Maruya – San Francisco, California

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, Maruya offers an authentic sushi experience in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Chefs Masaki Sasaki and Hide Sueyoshi, both trained in Japan, are dedicated to preserving traditional sushi-making techniques. The omakase menu features a variety of expertly prepared sushi and sashimi, with a focus on showcasing the natural flavors of the fresh ingredients. With an extensive sake list and impeccable service, Maruya is a must-visit destination for sushi lovers in San Francisco.


The United States is home to an array of exceptional sushi restaurants that showcase the art of traditional sushi-making. From the intimate counters of Sushi Nakazawa and Urasawa to the innovative offerings of N/Naka and O-Ya, these ten restaurants represent the best authentic sushi experiences available in the country. Each establishment offers a unique take on this beloved Japanese cuisine, ensuring a memorable and satisfying dining experience for sushi enthusiasts.