10 Essential Apps For Travelling In South America

10 Essential Apps For Travelling In South America

South America is an enchanting continent full of natural beauty, diverse cultures, and rich history. When exploring this vast region, having the right tools at your disposal can significantly enhance your travel experience. In this digital age, mobile apps are some of the most valuable resources you can have on your journey. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential apps to help you make the most of your South American adventure.

Google Translate

Language barriers can be challenging when travelling through South America, as the continent is home to a myriad of languages and dialects. Google Translate is a must-have app to help you communicate with locals and navigate unfamiliar territories.


Supports text translation for over 100 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and many indigenous languages.

Camera mode enables real-time translation of text in images, such as signs, menus, and documents.

Conversation mode allows for bilingual conversations with real-time translations.

Download language packs for offline use when internet access is limited.


Reliable navigation is crucial when exploring South America. Maps.me is an excellent offline mapping app that can help you find your way around even in the most remote locations.


Provides detailed offline maps for cities, towns, and rural areas.

Includes points of interest, such as restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions.

Offers route planning for walking, cycling, and driving with estimated travel times.

Allows users to bookmark locations and share them with others.

Regular updates ensure accurate and up-to-date map data.


Getting from one place to another in South America can be an adventure in itself. Rome2rio is a comprehensive transportation app that helps you plan your journey across different modes of transport.


Offers information on various transport options, including flights, buses, trains, and ferries.

Provides route suggestions, estimated travel times, and costs for each option.

Allows users to compare and book tickets directly through the app.

Includes real-time transport updates, such as schedule changes and delays.


South America offers diverse accommodation options, from hostels to luxury hotels. However, for those seeking more off-the-beaten-path experiences, iOverlander is a valuable resource for finding unique places to stay.


Features a database of campsites, hostels, guesthouses, and other accommodation options.

Includes user-generated reviews, photos, and GPS coordinates for each location.

Offers information on amenities, such as Wi-Fi, electricity, and water availability.

Allows users to add and update locations, contributing to the app’s growing database.

XE Currency

Managing your finances while travelling through South America is essential, and XE Currency can help you keep track of exchange rates and stay within your budget.


Provides live exchange rates for over 180 currencies, including the South American currencies.

Allows users to create a customized list of their most frequently used currencies for easy access.

Offers a built-in calculator to convert amounts between currencies.

Stores the latest rates for offline use.


For travellers seeking a more immersive experience in South America, Worldpackers connects you with volunteer opportunities and cultural exchange programs.


Offers a variety of projects, such as teaching English, working on eco-farms, or helping at hostels.

Allows users to create a profile highlighting their skills and interests to find suitable opportunities.

Includes user reviews and ratings for each host, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Provides in-app messaging for communication between hosts and volunteers.


Staying connected with friends, family, and fellow travellers is essential, and WhatsApp is the most popular messaging

app in South America, making it a must-have for your journey.


Offers free text messaging, voice calls, and video calls over an internet connection.

Supports group chats, allowing you to stay in touch with multiple people at once.

Allows users to share photos, videos, documents, and location information.

End-to-end encryption ensures your messages and calls are secure and private.

Widely used by locals and travellers alike, making it easy to connect with people you meet during your trip.


South America’s diverse climate can be unpredictable, and having a reliable weather app like AccuWeather can help you plan your activities and stay prepared for any conditions.


Provides accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts for cities and towns across South America.

Offers hourly, daily, and extended forecasts, as well as real-time weather alerts and notifications.

Includes information on temperature, humidity, wind speed, and UV index.

Features radar and satellite imagery to help you visualize weather patterns.

Supports multiple languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.


With so much to see and do in South America, TripAdvisor can help you discover the best attractions, restaurants, and accommodations to suit your preferences and budget.


Offers user-generated reviews, ratings, and photos for a wide range of attractions, restaurants, and accommodations.

Includes a built-in travel planner to help you organize your trip and save your favorite spots.

Provides interactive maps to help you find nearby points of interest.

Allows users to compare prices and book accommodations directly through the app.

Features a travel forum where you can ask questions and receive advice from fellow travellers.


Safety is an important consideration when travelling in South America, and TravelSafe is a valuable app that provides essential emergency information for each country on the continent.


Includes emergency phone numbers for police, medical assistance, and embassies for each country in South America.

Provides a database of common local emergency phrases translated into the local language.

Allows users to store important personal information, such as passport details, travel insurance, and emergency contacts.

Offers a panic button feature that sends an emergency message with your location to your designated contacts.

Supports offline access, ensuring you have critical information even without an internet connection.


With these 10 essential apps at your fingertips, your South American journey will be more enjoyable, organized, and stress-free. From language translation and navigation to finding accommodations and connecting with locals, these apps will help you make the most of your travels and create lasting memories. So pack your bags, download these apps, and get ready to explore the captivating landscapes, vibrant cultures, and unforgettable experiences that South America has to offer.