20 Best Things to Do in Sequoia National Park

20 EPIC Things to Do in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is a haven for adventurers, offering a rich array of outdoor activities amid stunning natural beauty. Here are twenty epic things to do in this breathtaking park:

  1. Visit the General Sherman Tree: Begin your journey at the world’s largest tree by volume. Standing 275 feet tall and over 36 feet in diameter at the base, it’s a humbling introduction to the park.
  2. Explore the Giant Forest: This 1,880-acre grove houses five of the ten largest trees in the world. Wander through the forest and marvel at the grandeur of these ancient beings.
  3. Hike to Moro Rock: A steep 350-step staircase leads you to the top of this granite dome, offering panoramic views of the park and the Great Western Divide.
  4. Discover the Crystal Cave: Tour this marble karst cave adorned with sparkling formations. Remember, tours must be pre-booked, and the cave is usually open from May to November.
  5. Traverse the Congress Trail: This 2-mile loop hike takes you past the House and Senate Groups, clusters of giant sequoia trees, and the President Tree, the third largest tree in the world.
  6. Hike to Tokopah Falls: This 3.4-mile round trip trail along the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River leads you to an impressive 1,200-foot waterfall. Best viewed in spring and early summer when the water flow is high.
  7. Visit the Giant Forest Museum: Learn about the natural history of giant sequoias and the park’s ecology through informative exhibits.
  8. Drive Through Tunnel Log: An enormous sequoia fell across the road in 1937. Instead of removing it, a tunnel was carved through, creating a unique drive-through experience.
  9. Climb Mount Whitney: For experienced hikers, climbing the tallest peak in the contiguous United States is a must-do. The 22-mile round trip is strenuous and requires a permit.
  10. Camp Under the Stars: With 14 campgrounds, there’s no shortage of spots to pitch a tent and spend a night under the sequoias. Make sure to book in advance during peak season.
  11. Attend a Ranger-led Program: Join park rangers for talks, walks, and campfire programs to learn more about the park’s ecology, history, and conservation efforts.
  12. Birdwatching: With over 200 species of birds, bring your binoculars and enjoy spotting the diverse birdlife, from owls to eagles.
  13. Horseback Riding: Guided horseback tours offer another way to explore the trails and enjoy the stunning scenery. Suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.
  14. Winter Sports: In winter, enjoy snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and sledding. The park transforms into a winter wonderland offering a unique perspective of the sequoias.
  15. Stroll Along the Big Trees Trail: This easy, wheelchair-accessible trail circles Round Meadow, home to many beautiful sequoias and a great spot for wildflower viewing in the spring.
  16. Explore Tharp’s Log: Visit this unique cabin built into a hollowed-out fallen sequoia by one of the park’s earliest European settlers, Hale Tharp.
  17. Fishing: The park’s rivers and lakes offer excellent fishing opportunities. However, do ensure you follow all state fishing regulations.
  18. Experience High Sierra Trail: For a multi-day hike, embark on the High Sierra Trail leading from Crescent Meadow to the summit of Mount Whitney. Plan ahead and make sure to get a wilderness permit.
  19. Enjoy a Picnic: There are several beautiful picnic areas in the park. Pack a Enjoy a Picnic: There are several beautiful picnic areas in the park. Pack a lunch and enjoy a meal amid nature’s splendor. Popular spots include the Hospital Rock Picnic Area with its fascinating petroglyphs, and the Crescent Meadow Picnic Area where you can feast your eyes on a meadow full of wildflowers.
  20. Take a Sunrise or Sunset Walk: Finally, no visit to Sequoia National Park would be complete without experiencing the magic of sunrise or sunset. The colors of the sky against the silhouette of the towering trees offer a truly majestic spectacle. A popular spot for this is Beetle Rock, located near the Giant Forest Museum. There’s no shortage of adventure and awe-inspiring sights in Sequoia National Park. Its unique combination of immense sequoias, rugged mountains, and verdant meadows make it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. By exploring these twenty epic activities, you’ll be sure to leave with a deeper appreciation for this remarkable corner of the world.