5 Places to Find Lavender Fields


5 Places to Find Lavender Fields

Lavender fields are a breathtaking sight, offering a serene and enchanting atmosphere with their vibrant colors, alluring scents, and picturesque landscapes. These captivating fields can be found in various locations across the globe, attracting tourists and photographers alike. In this article, we will explore five stunning destinations where you can experience the beauty of lavender fields.

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Provence, France

Provence is perhaps the most famous destination for lavender fields, with its vast expanses of purple blooms stretching across the region’s rolling hills. The best time to visit these fields is between late June and early August when the lavender is in full bloom. Some of the most popular spots to see lavender in Provence include the Valensole Plateau, the Luberon Valley, and the Sault area.

Hokkaido, Japan

The island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan, is home to several stunning lavender fields, most notably in the town of Furano. The lavender season typically lasts from late June to early August, with the Furano Lavender Festival taking place during this time. Farm Tomita, one of the most famous lavender farms in the area, boasts a variety of lavender species and offers a mesmerizing view of the surrounding landscapes.

Sequim, Washington, USA

Located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, Sequim is known as the “Lavender Capital of North America.” The town’s unique microclimate, with its sunny and dry summers, creates an ideal environment for growing lavender. The Sequim Lavender Festival, held annually in July, showcases the region’s lavender farms, local arts and crafts, and culinary delights featuring lavender as an ingredient.

Tihany Peninsula, Hungary

The Tihany Peninsula, situated on the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary, is home to the Tihany Lavender Fields. These fields are part of the Tihany Abbey estate and are known for their stunning beauty and breathtaking views of Lake Balaton. The lavender bloom usually occurs between June and August, with the Tihany Lavender Festival taking place in late June.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Tasmania, Australia

The Bridestowe Lavender Estate is the largest commercial lavender farm in the Southern Hemisphere, located in northeastern Tasmania, Australia. With over 200 acres of lavender fields, the estate is a popular destination for tourists and photographers alike. The lavender blooms between December and January in the Southern Hemisphere, creating a stunning purple landscape against the backdrop of the surrounding mountains.


Lavender fields offer an enchanting experience for visitors, with their vibrant colors, calming scents, and picturesque landscapes. From the famous fields of Provence, France, to lesser-known gems in Japan, Hungary, and beyond, there are countless destinations where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of these mesmerizing fields. Whether you’re an avid photographer or simply seeking a tranquil escape, a visit to a lavender field is sure to be a memorable experience.