aeromar airlines reviews

aeromar airlines reviews

Aeromar Airlines has had a mixed reception from passengers, with reviews highlighting both strengths and areas of concern. On the positive side, Aeromar has been recognized for its safety, with a safety rating of 7 out of 7, indicating a strong commitment to maintaining high safety standards. The airline offers a product rating of 4 out of 5, suggesting that its overall service and product offerings are well-regarded. Aeromar’s in-flight service includes snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, and the airline provides a baggage allowance of 25kg on domestic flights and 32kg on international flights. The airline operates a fleet of regional aircraft, including ATR 72-600, ATR 42, and CRJ 200LR models, focusing on economy-only configurations​​.

However, customer reviews on platforms such as SKYTRAX and Tripadvisor reveal several areas of dissatisfaction among passengers. Common complaints include poor customer service, with reports of long wait times, disorganized boarding processes, and instances where passengers were left stranded due to flight cancellations without adequate communication or assistance from the airline. Some reviews describe the airline’s handling of flight changes and cancellations as unprofessional and frustrating, leading to missed connections, additional expenses, and considerable inconvenience for affected passengers​​​​.

In summary, while Aeromar Airlines has demonstrated a commendable focus on safety and offers certain service amenities that passengers appreciate, the airline’s customer service and operational reliability have been areas of significant concern for some travelers. Potential passengers might want to weigh these factors carefully when considering booking flights with Aeromar.

The mixed reviews on Aeromar Airlines underscore the importance of considering multiple factors when choosing an airline for travel. While the airline’s safety record and certain aspects of its in-flight service receive positive marks, the experiences of individual passengers with customer service and operational reliability vary significantly. Reports of disorganized boarding, poor communication regarding flight changes and cancellations, and instances of passengers being stranded highlight areas where the airline could improve its service. These operational challenges can significantly impact passengers’ travel plans and overall satisfaction with the airline.

Given the diverse experiences reported by passengers, those considering Aeromar for future travel should be prepared for potential inconsistencies in service. It may be beneficial to research the most recent reviews and feedback from other passengers closer to the date of travel to get a better understanding of the airline’s current service levels. Additionally, considering alternative airlines or travel options, especially for time-sensitive or critical travel plans, might be advisable.

When booking flights, especially with airlines that have mixed reviews, it’s also wise to consider travel insurance or flexible booking options that allow for changes or cancellations if needed. Being informed and prepared can help mitigate some of the risks associated with travel disruptions and ensure a more pleasant travel experience overall.

For those affected by service issues with any airline, including Aeromar, reaching out to the airline’s customer service directly, utilizing social media platforms for communication, or contacting consumer protection agencies in the case of unresolved disputes can be effective strategies for seeking resolution and assistance.


How safe is Aeromar Airlines to fly with?

Aeromar Airlines has a high safety rating, with a 7 out of 7 score, indicating a strong commitment to maintaining safety standards. This suggests that from a safety perspective, Aeromar is considered reliable​​.

What is the baggage allowance on Aeromar flights?

For domestic flights, Aeromar provides a baggage allowance of 25kg, and for international flights, the allowance is 32kg. This allows passengers to travel with a significant amount of luggage without incurring additional fees​​.

Does Aeromar offer in-flight entertainment and amenities?

Aeromar’s in-flight service primarily includes snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. The airline operates flights with an economy-only configuration and does not provide in-flight entertainment, blankets, or pillows​​.

What should I do if my Aeromar flight is cancelled or significantly delayed?

Given the reported issues with flight cancellations and delays, passengers are advised to directly contact Aeromar’s customer service for assistance. If you’re at the airport, seeking a representative at the service desk is recommended. For proactive measures, consider subscribing to flight status updates via Aeromar’s website or mobile app, if available.

How does Aeromar handle flight cancellations and rebookings?

Based on customer reviews, Aeromar’s handling of cancellations and rebookings has been a point of contention. If your flight is cancelled, it’s advisable to immediately contact the airline for information on rebooking options. Understanding your rights as a passenger, including any compensation or accommodation you may be entitled to, can also be beneficial​​​​.

Are there any tips for a smoother experience with Aeromar?

Check Reviews Regularly: Keep an eye on the most recent reviews for the latest insights on Aeromar’s service.

Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers flight cancellations and delays.

Early Arrival: Arrive at the airport early, especially during peak travel times, to allow for any unexpected delays.

Direct Communication: In case of issues, directly contacting Aeromar through their customer service channels may yield faster resolutions.

Flexibility: If possible, having flexibility in your travel plans can alleviate the stress of last-minute changes.

What are Aeromar’s strengths as an airline?

Aeromar’s strengths include its safety record and the provision of certain in-flight services like snacks and drinks. The airline’s baggage allowance is also generous, accommodating travelers with more extensive luggage needs​​.

By addressing these FAQs, passengers can have a clearer understanding of what to expect when flying with Aeromar and how to prepare for their trip. For the most current information and policies, visiting Aeromar’s official website or contacting their customer service directly is always recommended.