american airlines 763 business class review

american airlines 763 business class review

Traveling in style and comfort is a priority for many passengers, especially on long-haul flights. American Airlines’ 767-300 Business Class aims to provide just that, promising a premium experience for discerning travelers. Here’s an in-depth review of what to expect from this class on American Airlines’ 767-300 aircraft.

Cabin and Seating

The 767-300 features a 1-2-1 seating configuration in business class, ensuring that every passenger has direct aisle access—a crucial aspect for comfort and convenience. The cabin has a total of 28 seats, arranged in a reverse herringbone layout. This setup provides ample personal space and privacy, as the seats angle away from the aisle.

Each seat converts into a fully lie-flat bed, approximately 77 inches long and 21 inches wide, making it suitable for a restful sleep on long journeys. The seats are well-padded and come with a cozy blanket and a large pillow. The privacy partition between seats is a nice touch, offering additional seclusion.

In-Flight Entertainment

American Airlines provides a robust in-flight entertainment system. The seats are equipped with a large touchscreen monitor, offering a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. Noise-canceling headphones are provided, which significantly enhance the viewing experience by blocking out ambient noise.

Additionally, the system is user-friendly and responsive, ensuring that passengers can easily navigate through the entertainment options. USB ports and universal power outlets are available at each seat, allowing passengers to charge their devices throughout the flight.

Dining Experience

The dining experience in American Airlines’ 767-300 Business Class is designed to be a highlight of the journey. Passengers are greeted with a welcome drink, which includes a choice of champagne, wine, or juice.

The multi-course meals are crafted by renowned chefs and feature a variety of international and local dishes.

The menu typically includes a starter, main course, cheese plate, and dessert. The quality of the food is impressive, with fresh ingredients and well-balanced flavors. The airline also offers a selection of fine wines and spirits to complement the meals.

For those who might get hungry between meals, there is a snack bar available with a variety of options, from light bites to more substantial choices.


The service in Business Class on American Airlines’ 767-300 is generally excellent. The flight attendants are attentive, professional, and friendly. They make a genuine effort to cater to passengers’ needs and preferences.

The crew is quick to respond to requests, ensuring that the travel experience is as comfortable as possible.


Business Class passengers receive a high-quality amenity kit, which includes essential items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, an eye mask, and skincare products. The kits are thoughtfully designed and come in a reusable pouch.

The lavatories in the Business Class cabin are well-maintained and stocked with additional amenities like hand lotion and facial mist, contributing to a more refreshing travel experience.


American Airlines offers Wi-Fi on its 767-300 aircraft. While it is not complimentary, the service is reasonably priced and provides a stable connection for browsing, emailing, and light streaming. However, as with most in-flight Wi-Fi services, the speed can vary depending on the number of users and the flight path.

American Airlines’ 767-300 Business Class delivers a solid premium travel experience. With its comfortable lie-flat seats, high-quality dining, excellent service, and a wide range of in-flight entertainment, it stands as a competitive option for long-haul travelers. While there are areas for improvement, such as the consistency of the Wi-Fi service, the overall experience is likely to meet and exceed the expectations of most business class passengers.

Areas for Improvement

While American Airlines’ 767-300 Business Class offers many positives, there are a few areas that could be enhanced to elevate the experience further.

Seat Aging and Maintenance

Some travelers have noted that the seats on the 767-300 show signs of aging, such as worn upholstery and less responsive seat controls. Regular maintenance and occasional refurbishment could ensure that the seating remains up to par with modern standards.

Wi-Fi Speed and Reliability

As mentioned earlier, the Wi-Fi service, while generally stable, can be inconsistent. Investing in better technology to improve speed and reliability would greatly enhance the in-flight experience, especially for business travelers who need to stay connected.

More Diverse Dining Options

Although the food quality is high, expanding the menu to include more diverse cuisine options could cater to a wider range of tastes and dietary needs. Introducing regional dishes that reflect the destinations being flown to and from could also add a unique touch to the dining experience.

Comparison to Competitors

When compared to its competitors, American Airlines’ 767-300 Business Class holds its own but also faces stiff competition from airlines like Delta and United, which offer similar products. Delta’s One Suite and United’s Polaris Business Class, for instance, also feature lie-flat seats and direct aisle access, with some flights offering newer, more modern interiors.

To stay competitive, American Airlines could focus on modernizing its fleet and continuously updating its service offerings. Frequent flyers often base their loyalty on consistent, high-quality experiences, and even minor enhancements can make a significant difference.

Flying in Business Class on American Airlines’ 767-300 provides a comfortable and enjoyable journey. The lie-flat seats, direct aisle access, and attentive service create a conducive environment for both work and relaxation. The in-flight entertainment and dining options are noteworthy, adding to the overall appeal of the flight.

For those considering a business class ticket on American Airlines’ 767-300, the experience promises to be a pleasant one, balancing comfort, convenience, and quality. While there are areas where the airline can improve, the current offering is robust and caters well to the needs of long-haul travelers.

Whether you’re flying for business or leisure, American Airlines’ 767-300 Business Class is worth considering for your next trip. The blend of privacy, service, and amenities makes it a strong contender in the premium travel market, ensuring that you arrive at your destination rested and ready for whatever awaits.