Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa User Guide

Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa User Guide

Montenegro, a small Balkan country located in southeastern Europe, has become an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads due to its stunning natural beauty, pleasant climate, and relatively low cost of living. In response to this growing demand, the Montenegrin government has introduced a digital nomad visa program to attract remote workers from around the world. This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of the Montenegro digital nomad visa, including the application process, eligibility requirements, costs, and tips for living and working in Montenegro as a digital nomad.

Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa Overview

The Montenegro digital nomad visa allows eligible remote workers to legally reside in the country for up to one year while working for a foreign employer or as a self-employed individual. This visa is renewable, allowing digital nomads to extend their stay in Montenegro for additional periods.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Montenegro digital nomad visa, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

3.1. Proof of Employment or Self-Employment

Applicants must provide evidence of their employment with a foreign company or their self-employed status, such as an employment contract, business registration, or tax documents.

3.2. Income Threshold

Applicants must demonstrate a stable and sufficient monthly income to support themselves during their stay in Montenegro. The minimum income threshold is currently set at €3,500 per month.

3.3. Health Insurance

Applicants must have valid health insurance that covers medical expenses in Montenegro for the duration of their stay.

3.4. Criminal Background Check

Applicants must provide a criminal background check from their country of residence, issued within the last six months, to prove that they have no criminal record.

Application Process

The Montenegro digital nomad visa application process involves the following steps:

4.1. Gather Required Documents

Prepare the necessary documents, including proof of employment or self-employment, proof of income, health insurance, and criminal background check.

4.2. Complete the Application Form

Fill out the digital nomad visa application form, available on the Montenegrin government’s official website. The form must be completed in English or Montenegrin.

4.3. Pay the Application Fee

Pay the non-refundable application fee, which varies depending on the length of stay and type of visa. The exact amount will be specified on the government website.

4.4. Submit the Application

Submit the completed application form and required documents to the nearest Montenegrin embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

4.5. Await Approval

The processing time for Montenegro digital nomad visa applications can take several weeks. If your application is approved, you will receive a visa sticker in your passport, allowing you to enter Montenegro and begin your stay as a digital nomad.

Cost of Living in Montenegro

Montenegro offers a relatively low cost of living compared to many Western European countries, making it an attractive destination for digital nomads. However, costs can vary depending on the city and your lifestyle choices. Some of the main expenses to consider while living and working in Montenegro include:

5.1. Accommodation

Housing costs in Montenegro can vary depending on the location, size, and type of accommodation. Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center ranges from €250 to €500, while a similar apartment outside the city center can cost between €150 and €350.

5.2. Utilities and Internet

Utility costs, including electricity, water, and heating, average around €100 to €150 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. High-speed internet access typically costs between €20 and €40 per month, depending on the service provider and the chosen plan.

5.3. Transportation

Public transportation in Montenegro is relatively affordable, with a monthly pass costing around €25 to €30. Taxis are also available, with rates starting at €1 to €2 per kilometer. Many digital nomads choose to rent a car for greater flexibility and convenience, with rental prices ranging from €200 to €400 per month, depending on the type of vehicle.

5.4. Groceries and Dining Out

Grocery shopping in Montenegro is generally affordable, with fresh produce, meats, and other essentials readily available at local markets and supermarkets. A monthly grocery budget for a single person can range from €150 to €300, depending on individual preferences and dietary needs. Dining out in Montenegro is also relatively inexpensive, with a meal at a mid-range restaurant costing between €10 and €20 per person.

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Tips for Living and Working in Montenegro as a Digital Nomad

6.1. Network with Other Digital Nomads

Connecting with other digital nomads in Montenegro can provide valuable support, advice, and friendship during your stay. Attend local meetups, join online forums, and participate in coworking spaces to expand your social and professional network.

6.2. Learn the Local Language

While English is widely spoken in Montenegro, learning some basic Montenegrin phrases can help you navigate daily life more easily and build connections with locals.

6.3. Explore Montenegro’s Natural Beauty

Take advantage of Montenegro’s stunning landscapes by exploring its national parks, hiking trails, and picturesque coastal towns. This will provide a much-needed break from work and allow you to immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty.

6.4. Stay Aware of Local Customs and Laws

Familiarize yourself with local customs, etiquette, and laws to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay in Montenegro. This includes respecting local dress codes, observing noise restrictions, and adhering to traffic regulations.


Montenegro offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and affordability, making it an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads. By understanding the Montenegro digital nomad visa application process, planning your budget, and following the tips outlined in this guide, you can enjoy a fulfilling experience while living and working in Montenegro.