Splash Works User Guide

Splash Works User Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive user guide for Splash Works, the renowned water park located in Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario. This guide is designed to provide you with the crucial information you need to make the most of your visit, offering details on the attractions, amenities, and the overall guest experience. As always, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the official Canada’s Wonderland website or contact their customer service.

About Splash Works

Splash Works is the premier water park within Canada’s Wonderland, offering visitors a unique opportunity to cool off and have fun during the hotter months. Open seasonally, typically from late May through early September, this extensive water park covers 20-acres and boasts a plethora of water-themed attractions designed to entertain visitors of all ages.

Getting There

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada’s Wonderland is easily accessible via public transportation, driving, or taxi services. The park is approximately a 30-minute drive north of downtown Toronto, and there’s ample parking available. Keep in mind that during peak season, the park and Splash Works can become quite busy, so it’s recommended to arrive early to beat the crowds and secure a good parking spot.


There’s an incredible variety of attractions at Splash Works to cater to different thrill levels and age groups. Here are a few notable highlights:

The Plunge: Enclosed in a darkened tube, this waterslide offers twists and turns that create an adrenaline-pumping experience for the thrill-seekers.

Super Soaker: This slide offers a moderate-speed water ride with several steep drops and turns. It’s the perfect combination of thrill and chill.

Riptide Racer: Ideal for competitive spirits, this multi-lane water slide enables guests to race each other to the bottom. Who will touch down first?

Muskoka Plunge: This is a heart-stopping, 60-foot-tall waterslide where riders are released from a chamber into an intense free-fall.

Lakeside Lagoon: Designed for younger guests, this children’s play area boasts smaller slides and a shallow pool where kids can enjoy a safe and fun water adventure.

Whitewater Bay: One of Canada’s largest outdoor wave pools. Here you can enjoy the thrills of ocean-like waves without the saltwater sting.


In addition to the thrilling rides and attractions, Splash Works offers a variety of amenities to make your visit more comfortable. These include locker rentals, where you can store your belongings while you enjoy the park, and private cabana rentals for those looking for a luxurious and relaxing experience. The cabanas offer comfortable seating, shade from the sun, and food and beverage service.

There are also several food and beverage outlets throughout the park. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a full meal, you’ll find a range of options, from burgers and pizzas to healthier choices like salads and wraps. Remember to stay hydrated, especially on hot days!

Safety Guidelines

Safety is a top priority at Splash Works. All guests are expected to adhere to the park’s safety guidelines. This includes obeying all posted rules and regulations for each attraction, listening to the instructions given by the lifeguards and park staff, and ensuring young children are always supervised.

Before visiting the park, it’s a good idea to review the guidelines for each attraction, including height and weight requirements, on the official Canada’s Wonderland website. Certain attractions may not be suitable for guests with certain medical conditions or disabilities, so it’s important to read these guidelines carefully.

Tips for a Great Visit

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit to Splash Works:

Plan your visit: Use the park map available on the official website to plan your day. Prioritize the attractions you and your group want to visit to avoid disappointment.

Arrive early: This will help you beat the crowds and make the most of your day.

Stay protected: Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun.

Splash Works offers an unforgettable water park experience for all age groups. From thrilling waterslides to a relaxing wave pool and kid-friendly areas, there’s something for everyone. Use this guide to plan your visit and ensure a fun, safe, and memorable trip to this exciting water park.