The best places to travel in December around the world

The best places to travel in December around the world

December is synonymous with festivities, the conclusion of one year, and the anticipation of a new beginning. The world is bedecked in holiday decorations, winter wonderlands emerge in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern Hemisphere beckons with summertime charm. Here’s a spotlight on the best global destinations to explore in December:

  1. Lapland, Finland
    Arctic Wonderland: Lapland is where winter fantasies come alive. Think reindeer rides, Northern Lights, and cozy log cabins.

Experience: Meet Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, embark on husky sledding, and hunt for the Aurora Borealis in the frosty nights.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic
    Fairytale Festivities: Prague’s Gothic and Baroque architecture, dusted in snow, and illuminated squares make it a dreamy December destination.

Experience: Stroll across Charles Bridge, attend a Christmas concert, and savor trdelník (spit cake) at holiday markets.

  1. Sydney, Australia
    Summer Down Under: December in Sydney is sunny and vibrant. The iconic Sydney Harbour is especially festive on New Year’s Eve.

Experience: Watch the fireworks from the Opera House, relax at Bondi Beach, and hike the coastal path to Coogee.

  1. New York City, USA
    City of Holiday Lights: The Big Apple in December is a spectacle of holiday lights, ice-skating rinks, and festive vibes.

Experience: Visit the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, shop at holiday markets, and watch the New York Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’.

  1. Munich, Germany
    Bavarian Merriment: Home to some of the oldest Christmas markets, Munich is a hub of festive delights and Yuletide traditions.

Experience: Explore Marienplatz’s Christmas market, sip on Glühwein, and visit the Neuschwanstein Castle amidst snow.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
    African Summer: With its balmy climate, golden beaches, and vibrant culture, Cape Town is a top Southern Hemisphere choice.

Experience: Climb Table Mountain, tour the Cape Winelands, and spot penguins at Boulder Beach.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland
    Land of Ice and Aurora: December offers long nights, making it a prime time for Northern Lights in this geothermal wonderland.

Experience: Relax in the Blue Lagoon, drive the Golden Circle, and revel in the winter solstice festivities.

  1. Vienna, Austria
    Imperial Christmas: Vienna’s imperial palaces and squares turn into winter wonderlands adorned with markets and decorations.

Experience: Enjoy a slice of Sachertorte, attend a waltz concert, and shop at the Belvedere Palace Christmas market.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Tropical Festive Season: December in Rio is all about sun-soaked beaches, samba rhythms, and the world’s largest floating Christmas tree.

Experience: Sunbathe at Copacabana, visit Christ the Redeemer, and partake in New Year beach parties.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland
    Scottish Winter Fest: With its historic charm and festive events like Hogmanay (New Year’s festival), Edinburgh is enchanting in December.

Experience: Walk the Royal Mile, join the Hogmanay street party, and explore Edinburgh Castle.

  1. Queenstown, New Zealand
    Adventure in Kiwi Summer: As the adventure capital basks in summer, it offers adrenaline rushes and serene landscapes.

Experience: Bungee jump over the Kawarau River, cruise Milford Sound, and indulge in Central Otago wines.

  1. Bali, Indonesia
    Island Serenity: December is a sweet spot before the peak tourist season, making Bali’s beaches and temples all the more captivating.

Experience: Visit Uluwatu Temple, dive in Tulamben, and relax amidst the rice terraces of Ubud.

Travel Tips for December:
Advance Planning: December is a popular travel month, so book accommodations and activities well in advance.

Pack Wisely: Depending on the hemisphere, pack for winter chills or summer warmth.

Festive Events: Many places have special concerts, parades, or festivals in December. Check the local calendar to enhance your trip.

December’s global tapestry is rich with contrasts – from the icy allure of the Arctic to the sun-kissed beaches of the tropics. It’s a month that promises the magic of the holidays, the adventure of winter sports, and the relaxation of southern summer retreats. Whether you’re drawn to the historical streets of European cities adorned with fairy lights or the festive cheer of summertime in the Southern Hemisphere, December offers a trove of travel treasures waiting to be discovered.