The best places to travel in March around the world

The best places to travel in March around the world

As winter slowly fades, March presents a transitional month in many parts of the world, balancing the remnants of cold with the budding warmth of spring. This month offers a diverse palette of travel experiences, from blossoming gardens to bustling festivals. Let’s explore the best places to journey to in March.

  1. Kyoto, Japan
    March in Kyoto is synonymous with cherry blossoms. The ancient city, replete with temples and traditional wooden houses, becomes especially poetic when sakura trees burst into bloom. Wander through Maruyama Park, visit the iconic Kiyomizu Temple, and experience hanami (flower viewing) in its full glory.
  2. Washington D.C., USA
    The U.S. capital, too, celebrates cherry blossom season in March. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a visual treat, with the Tidal Basin surrounded by pink and white blossoms. Pair this with visits to the Smithsonian museums, the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House.
  3. Valencia, Spain
    March witnesses the grand celebration of Las Fallas in Valencia. Originally a feast day for St. Joseph, the city today turns into an extravagant display of life-sized sculptures (fallas), which are eventually set ablaze. The festival combines artistry, satire, and community festivities.
  4. Reykjavik, Iceland
    While the Northern Lights are visible from September to April, March often offers clearer skies, enhancing the chances of witnessing this celestial display. Explore the Golden Circle, relax in the Blue Lagoon, and gaze up at the Aurora Borealis in the Icelandic wilderness.
  5. Holi Festival, India
    March is the month of colors in India, thanks to the Holi festival. While celebrated across the country, the towns of Mathura and Vrindavan offer traditional and spiritual experiences. People smear each other with colored powders, rejoicing in music, dance, and festive foods.
  6. Dublin, Ireland
    St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 transforms Dublin into a sea of green. The festival celebrates Irish culture with parades, music, dance, and of course, plenty of Guinness. Explore the city’s historic sites, such as Dublin Castle and Trinity College, during your visit.
  7. Serengeti, Tanzania
    March is a great time for witnessing the Great Migration in the Serengeti. As animals move in search of fresh grazing, travelers get to observe dramatic scenes, from massive wildebeest herds to predators in action. It’s nature’s theater at its best.
  8. Cartagena, Colombia
    This coastal city offers warm temperatures and fewer crowds in March. Wander through Cartagena’s Old Town, with its colonial architecture and vibrant plazas. Relish fresh seafood, explore the Rosario Islands, and immerse yourself in Caribbean rhythms.
  9. Interlaken, Switzerland
    For those not ready to let go of winter, Interlaken serves as a snow-laden paradise in March. Nestled between two lakes and surrounded by mountains, this town is a hub for winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding, or simply savoring Swiss chocolate by a fireplace, Interlaken has it all.
  10. Raja Ampat, Indonesia
    Divers, March is your month in Raja Ampat. This remote archipelago offers perhaps the richest marine biodiversity globally. With warm waters and excellent visibility, you’ll encounter colorful corals, myriad fish species, and even manta rays.

Tips for Traveling in March:

Festival Preparations: March’s festivals can mean larger crowds. Book accommodations and transport in advance, and familiarize yourself with local customs.

Packing Essentials: With the varied weather in March, layering becomes key. Ensure you pack both for warmer days and cooler nights.

Cultural Sensitivity: Respect local traditions, especially during festivals. In places like India during Holi, modest attire is recommended.

Plan for Wildlife: If you’re visiting places like the Serengeti, ensure you have necessary permits and a reliable guide for the best experience.

Eco-travel: Travel sustainably. Whether diving in Raja Ampat or observing wildlife in Tanzania, respect the natural environment and its inhabitants.

March is a month of blossoming potential, making it one of the most dynamic times to explore our vibrant world. From cultural festivals to natural spectacles, every corner of the globe has something unique to offer during this period. Dive deep into the celebrations, savor the changing seasons, and let your March travels become stories of adventure, discovery, and joy. Safe travels!