What is better TripIt or Wanderlog?


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What is better TripIt or Wanderlog?

When it comes to organizing trips, modern travelers are blessed with an array of sophisticated tools at their disposal. Among the most notable are TripIt and Wanderlog, both of which offer unique features designed to make planning your next journey as smooth as possible. But how do these two travel apps stack up against each other? Which one is the better choice for you? Here’s a comprehensive comparison.

Introduction to the Contenders


One of the most established names in the travel organization niche, TripIt has been the go-to choice for many globetrotters for years. Its main selling point is the ability to consolidate all your travel information into one place, from flight details and hotel bookings to rental car reservations and more.


A newer entrant into the scene, Wanderlog distinguishes itself by focusing on both the pre-trip planning stage and the actual travel experience. It combines features of a travel itinerary planner with those of a travel diary, making it a holistic travel companion.

Features and Usability

Itinerary Creation:

TripIt: The app automatically imports travel details from your email, creating a master itinerary that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It’s nearly effortless, requiring minimal manual input.

Wanderlog: While it can also import plans from your email, Wanderlog places more emphasis on collaborative planning. You can plan trips with friends, see where each day will take you, and get recommendations for points of interest.

Maps and Navigation:

TripIt: It provides a basic map feature that plots your reservations and other travel plans on a map.

Wanderlog: Here’s where it shines. It offers robust map integrations, allowing you to view your daily plans on a map, get directions, and even see recommendations based on your location.


TripIt: While it offers a ‘Things to Do’ feature based on your destination, the recommendations are somewhat generic.

Wanderlog: Wanderlog provides personalized recommendations. Plus, since it’s a collaborative platform, friends can add suggestions, making the entire planning process more interactive and tailored.

Trip Sharing:

TripIt: You can share your trip details with friends or family, keeping them in the loop. This is especially useful for business trips or when multiple parties are coordinating a group trip.

Wanderlog: The platform emphasizes collaboration, so trip sharing is native to its design. This means friends can not only view but also actively participate in the planning process.


TripIt: Offers a free version with basic features and a Pro version with premium features like real-time flight alerts, seat tracking, and reward point tracking.

Wanderlog: It’s entirely free for its core features, which offers significant value.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Strengths: Automatic itinerary import, solid organizational structure, real-time flight alerts (for Pro users), and wide adoption which leads to better third-party integrations.

Weaknesses: Less emphasis on trip collaboration, relatively basic recommendation system, and the need for a paid version to access all features.


Strengths: Strong map integration, collaborative trip planning, personalized recommendations, and entirely free for core features.

Weaknesses: Slightly steeper learning curve for those used to more traditional itinerary planners and younger so might not have the extensive user base or integrations as TripIt.

Which One Should You Choose?

The choice between TripIt and Wanderlog depends on your specific needs:

Solo or Business Travelers: If you’re primarily traveling solo or for business and you need a straightforward itinerary manager, TripIt, especially its Pro version, may be more suitable for you. Its automatic itinerary creation and flight alerts can be invaluable.

Group or Leisure Travelers: If you’re planning a trip with friends or family, or if you like to explore destinations spontaneously, Wanderlog might be a better pick. Its collaborative features, map integrations, and personalized recommendations will enhance the entire travel experience.

In conclusion, both TripIt and Wanderlog have their unique offerings. TripIt is a veteran in the space, offering seamless integrations and an organized itinerary. In contrast, Wanderlog, with its holistic approach to travel, from planning to exploring, makes it a robust choice for those seeking a more interactive travel companion. Depending on your travel style and needs, you might find one more appealing than the other.