How to Make Money as an Online Yoga Instructor


How to Make Money as an Online Yoga Instructor

The digital revolution has transformed the way people access information and services, leading to the rapid growth of online businesses. One of the industries that has thrived in this environment is the health and wellness sector, with yoga being one of the most popular practices. As an online yoga instructor, you have the opportunity to tap into this lucrative market and make a living by sharing your passion for yoga with others. This comprehensive guide will explore various strategies to make money as an online yoga instructor and provide you with tips to ensure success.

Establish Your Brand and Online Presence

Before you can start earning money as an online yoga instructor, it is essential to establish your brand and online presence. This entails creating a professional website, engaging on social media platforms, and developing a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from competitors. Consider the following steps:

a. Build a Professional Website: Your website is your online studio and should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and informative. Include details about your classes, your teaching philosophy, and your credentials. Also, consider incorporating a blog to provide valuable content related to yoga and wellness, which can help attract and engage visitors.

b. Utilize Social Media: Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are essential for promoting your online yoga business. Share content regularly, such as videos, tips, and inspirational quotes, to build a following and foster engagement with your audience.

c. Develop a Unique Selling Proposition: Identify what sets you apart from other online yoga instructors and leverage this in your marketing efforts. This could be your teaching style, specialization in a particular yoga discipline, or a unique approach to wellness.

Offer Different Types of Yoga Classes

Diversify your income by offering various types of yoga classes to cater to different client needs and preferences. Some popular options include:

a. Live-streamed Classes: Conduct live classes via platforms like Zoom or Skype. These classes allow real-time interaction with students and provide a personalized experience.

b. Pre-recorded Classes: Create a library of pre-recorded classes that students can access at their convenience. This option offers flexibility for both you and your clients, as they can practice yoga anytime, anywhere.

c. One-on-one Coaching: Offer personalized coaching sessions for students who require individualized attention or have specific goals. This can be done through video calls or by providing customized practice routines and feedback.

d. Workshops and Masterclasses: Organize workshops or masterclasses focused on specific aspects of yoga, such as advanced techniques, meditation, or yoga for stress relief. These specialized classes can attract a niche audience and generate additional income.

Create a Subscription-based Model

A subscription-based model can provide a steady and predictable income stream for your online yoga business. Students pay a monthly fee to access your classes, workshops, and exclusive content. To make this model successful, consider the following tips:

a. Offer Multiple Subscription Tiers: Provide different subscription options based on the level of access and content offered. This allows students to choose a plan that best suits their needs and budget.

b. Offer Incentives and Discounts: Attract new subscribers and retain existing ones by offering incentives, such as discounted rates for long-term subscriptions or special promotions.

c. Continuously Add New Content: Keep your subscribers engaged by regularly updating your content library with new classes, workshops, and exclusive materials.

Sell Digital Products and Courses

Expand your income sources by creating and selling digital products related to yoga and wellness. These may include:

a. eBooks and Guides: Write eBooks or guides on various aspects of yoga, such as beginner tips, advanced techniques, or yoga for specific health conditions. These can be sold through your website or on platforms like Amazon Kindle.

b. Online Courses: Develop comprehensive online courses covering specific yoga topics or disciplines. These can be self-paced, allowing students to progress at their own speed. Online course platforms like Teachable or Thinkific can help you create and sell your courses with ease.

c. Yoga Video Series: Produce a series of high-quality yoga videos targeting specific goals, such as weight loss, stress relief, or improving flexibility. You can sell these video series as standalone products or as part of a package with other digital products.

d. Meditation Audio Tracks: Record guided meditation sessions or create soothing background music for yoga practice. Offer these audio tracks for download or streaming on your website or platforms like iTunes or Spotify.

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Offer Corporate Yoga Programs

Companies are increasingly recognizing the benefits of employee wellness programs, including yoga classes, to improve productivity, reduce stress, and boost employee satisfaction. Tap into this market by offering corporate yoga programs tailored to the needs of businesses. You can provide live-streamed group classes, pre-recorded sessions, or even on-site classes if feasible. Reach out to local businesses, network with human resources professionals, or attend corporate wellness events to promote your services.

Host Online Workshops and Retreats

Organize virtual workshops and retreats, which can be an excellent way to generate additional income and attract new clients. These events can span a few hours or several days, offering a more immersive and transformative experience for participants. Consider partnering with other wellness professionals, such as nutritionists, life coaches, or massage therapists, to provide a comprehensive program.

Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorships

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services of other businesses in exchange for a commission on sales made through your referral. As an online yoga instructor, you can partner with yoga and wellness brands, recommending their products to your audience. Join affiliate programs or reach out to companies directly to establish partnerships.

Sponsorships involve collaborating with companies in exchange for financial support or free products. Approach relevant businesses with a proposal outlining how their brand can benefit from sponsoring your content, classes, or events.

Offer Yoga Teacher Training

If you have substantial experience and certifications in yoga, you can provide yoga teacher training programs for aspiring instructors. Develop a comprehensive curriculum, including both theoretical and practical components, and offer the course as a live-streamed or pre-recorded program. Successful completion of the program can result in a yoga teacher certification for your students, adding credibility to their qualifications.


Making money as an online yoga instructor requires dedication, creativity, and perseverance. By offering a range of classes, products, and services, you can diversify your income streams and reach a wider audience. Establish a strong online presence, engage with your target market, and continuously refine your offerings to stay competitive and attract loyal clients. With hard work and a strategic approach, you can turn your passion for yoga into a profitable online business.