Ultimate 80s Themed Airbnb Arcade: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ultimate 80s Themed Airbnb Arcade: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a fan of the 80s, you know that it was a decade filled with iconic movies, music, and, of course, arcade games. The nostalgia for this era is strong, and what better way to relive it than by setting up your very own 80s themed Airbnb arcade? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to create an immersive retro gaming experience that guests will love.

Choose the Right Location

The first step in creating an 80s themed Airbnb arcade is to choose the right location. You’ll need a space large enough to accommodate arcade machines, seating, and decorations. Consider converting a spare room, garage, or basement into your arcade paradise. Ensure the space is well-ventilated, comfortable, and easy to access for your guests.

Create a Budget

Setting up an 80s themed arcade can be a fun project, but it’s essential to create a budget and stick to it. Arcade machines, decorations, and maintenance can add up quickly. Research the costs of arcade machines, furniture, paint, and any other items you’ll need. Be realistic about what you can afford and prioritize your expenses accordingly.

Choose Your Arcade Machines

Arcade machines are the heart of your 80s themed Airbnb arcade. Decide which classic games you want to include, such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and Street Fighter. You can purchase vintage machines from collectors or opt for modern replicas that come loaded with multiple games. Make sure the machines are in good working condition or budget for any necessary repairs.

Decorate with 80s Nostalgia

To create an authentic 80s atmosphere, decorate your arcade with a dose of nostalgia. Consider using neon colors, posters of iconic 80s movies and musicians, and retro furniture. Hang up some vintage arcade artwork and add a disco ball for that extra touch of 80s flair. Creating the right ambiance will enhance the overall experience for your guests.

Audio and Visual Setup

In addition to the arcade machines, you’ll need a robust audio and visual setup. Invest in a high-quality sound system that can blast classic 80s tunes and the sounds of the games. You can also decorate the walls with neon signs and vintage advertisements. Don’t forget to set up appropriate lighting to create the right mood.

Comfortable Seating

Guests will want to relax between rounds of arcade gaming, so make sure you provide comfortable seating options. Bean bags, vintage couches, and retro bar stools are excellent choices. The seating should complement the overall theme and provide a comfortable place for guests to unwind.

Offer Refreshments

To enhance the arcade experience, consider offering refreshments like 80s-themed snacks and drinks. Stock up on classic snacks like Doritos, Pop Rocks, and Twinkies. You can also provide a selection of retro sodas like Tab, Jolt Cola, and New Coke. A mini-fridge or snack bar will complete the setup.

Set House Rules

To ensure the safety of your arcade machines and the comfort of your guests, set clear house rules. Specify guidelines for using the machines, respecting the equipment, and noise levels. Make sure guests understand how to operate the machines and what to do in case of any issues.

Maintenance and Repairs

Arcade machines require regular maintenance to keep them in working condition. Create a maintenance schedule to clean and inspect the machines. Budget for repairs and have a trusted technician on call in case any issues arise. Keeping the arcade in top shape will ensure a positive experience for your guests.

Market Your Airbnb Arcade

Once your 80s themed Airbnb arcade is set up and ready for guests, it’s time to market it effectively. Take high-quality photos of the arcade, highlighting its retro charm. Write a compelling description that captures the nostalgia and excitement of the 80s gaming experience. Use social media, Airbnb listings, and online forums to promote your unique accommodation.

Guest Experience

Finally, prioritize the guest experience. Provide clear instructions on how to use the arcade machines, and consider leaving a guidebook with tips and tricks for each game. Offer 80s-themed amenities like vintage game magazines or old-school board games. Encourage guests to share their experiences on social media to attract more bookings.

Creating an 80s themed Airbnb arcade can be a labor of love that combines your passion for nostalgia with the opportunity to share it with others. By carefully planning, decorating, and maintaining your arcade, you can create a unique and memorable experience for your guests. Get ready to step back in time to the 80s and watch as your Airbnb arcade becomes a popular destination for gamers and retro enthusiasts alike.

Legal Considerations

Before opening your 80s themed Airbnb arcade to guests, it’s crucial to consider any legal requirements and liabilities. Check with your local zoning regulations and business licensing requirements to ensure that you’re operating within the law. Additionally, consider liability insurance to protect yourself in case of accidents or damage to your arcade equipment.

Feedback and Improvements

After hosting guests, gather feedback to continually improve your arcade experience. Listen to their suggestions and implement changes that enhance the overall guest experience. Regularly update the game selection to keep things fresh and exciting. This will encourage repeat bookings and positive reviews.

Hosting Special Events

To attract a broader audience, consider hosting special events or themed nights in your 80s themed Airbnb arcade. You could organize retro gaming tournaments, 80s movie marathons, or even themed parties. Promote these events to the local community and on social media platforms to attract a diverse range of guests.

Maintaining Retro Authenticity

To maintain the authenticity of your 80s themed arcade, keep an eye on the retro gaming market. Attend retro gaming expos, visit vintage arcades, and stay connected with the gaming community to discover new trends and find vintage items for your arcade. Keeping your arcade true to the era will make it more appealing to enthusiasts.

Engage with Guests

Engaging with your guests can lead to memorable experiences and positive reviews. Share your own love for the 80s and arcade culture with them. Encourage guests to share their high scores and favorite memories on a dedicated social media page for your Airbnb arcade. Engaging with your audience can build a loyal following and increase bookings.

Safety First

Always prioritize safety in your arcade. Ensure that your electrical systems are up to code, and regularly inspect your machines for any potential hazards. Install fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and emergency exits where necessary. The safety and well-being of your guests should be your top priority.

Seasonal Themes

To keep things exciting and attract different types of guests throughout the year, consider seasonal themes. For example, you can decorate your arcade for Halloween with spooky 80s horror movie posters and host costume contests. During the holidays, add festive decorations and host themed events. These seasonal changes can make your arcade a year-round destination.

Collect Memorabilia

As a passionate 80s enthusiast, consider collecting and displaying vintage memorabilia in your arcade. This could include original arcade game artwork, action figures, and other collectibles. These items can add an extra layer of nostalgia and authenticity to your space.

Network with Other Arcade Owners

Connect with other arcade owners, both in your area and online. They can offer valuable advice, share maintenance tips, and even collaborate on events or promotions. Building a network of fellow arcade enthusiasts can enhance your knowledge and help your arcade thrive.

By following these steps and continually investing in your 80s themed Airbnb arcade, you can create a unique and memorable experience for guests while indulging in your love for the 80s. Whether they come for the games, the nostalgia, or the atmosphere, your arcade can become a sought-after destination for travelers looking to relive the golden age of gaming. So, start planning, decorating, and hosting, and watch as your arcade becomes a time machine to the 1980s, delighting guests from all walks of life.